1. Rosswood (Marble Hornets score)
  2. Hammock - Sinking Inside Yourself
  3. A Winged Victory for the Sullen
    - Steep Hills of Vicodin Tears
  4. Jessica (Marble Hornets score)
Hello, Hello.


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Tim Sutton and Troy Wagner on Le set of “No Quarter”.  

wait what

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Wait for it…

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i found the best description of daud/corvo/outsider ever.image

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Dunwall Tinies

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A reminder that this is definitely a thing that definitely happened

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Okay so let me set one thing straight because I think some of you out there in the big wide world of zoology have got something terribly wrong.

The following research has been carried out in a highly scientific and unbiased manner with in depth studies of a wide field of subjects. Namely my two…

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like a boss

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Another [and probably the best] picture of Mel and I yesterday! All make up. No photoshop. Had so much fun though I will admit.. It’s great to have all that make up off!

[photo props to shortfusepinups.com]

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Batgirl #33

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